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Episode 7 - Procrastibaking Takes on Baking Myths

On this episode…

Luisa and Rachel weigh in on baking protocol to sift fact from myth (shame on you, mom), share their 4th of July traditions and celebrate Sugar Cookie Day!



Rachel's Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies


Luisa's Butter cookies and Mandelbroit for Cookie Table


Links, Recipes and Sources


One Banana – Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

Shortbread Cutouts

Red White and Blue Layered Cocktail


Top 6 Cake Baking Myths Busted

Ask the Expert: Do Loud Noises Cause Cakes to Fall?

5 Cooking and Baking Myths Debunked

51 Cooking Myths That Are Actually False

Shortening vs. Butter in Baking

Alcohol Burn-Off Chart

Does Alcohol Burn Off After Cooking?

Is Sifting Flour for Baked Goods Really Necessary?

Do Cold Eggs Really Make a Difference in Baking?

Here’s Why You Should Always Bake with Room-Temperature Eggs


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Bonus Batch: More Myth Busting

Sugar only affects the taste of baked goods.

Actually, sugar also affects the smell and look of baked goods. When sniffing baked goods, you are often smelling caramelized sugar, which is also what gives baked goods their golden appearance.

Once you start whipping cream, you can’t stop.

As long as your cream doesn’t rise much in temperature during the pause, go ahead and take the phone call and then return to beating your cream.

It doesn’t matter what pan you use.

Absolutely false. Both pan size and the material of your pan can affect your bake. Sweets baked on dark metal brown, and burn faster.

Bread should be stored in the fridge.

Actually, the fridge may slow the rate your bread molds but it will make the bread go stale faster.

Shortening and butter are interchangeable based on preference.

Somewhat. Let’s look at cookies for example. Cookies baked with all butter tend to be flatter and crispier and the dough spreads a bit more. Cookies made with all shortening tend to be crumblier than their all butter counterparts.Shortening can make your frostings more stable but using all shortening sacrifices the butter flavor that’s an essential part of “butter”cream.


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