Luisa Gonzalez & Rachel Rhodes


Luisa and Rachel met the summer after their junior year of high school at a summer program.

They discovered a joint love of baking in college and have been in the kitchen together ever since.

Friends joked that they were "glued together" at the hip and Team Hotglue was born!

Luisa Gonzalez



Luisa lives in California with her husband, Raul, and her crazy pup, Dora (AKA, the "taste testers").

Luisa has found baking to be very therapeutic and a wonderful escape from everyday stressors. Her favorite baking projects include anything with salted caramel or triple-layer cakes.

She has a special talent for confusing flour with powdered sugar and burning pie crusts.

Rachel Rhodes



Rachel lives in North Carolina with her husband, Mike, and forever puppy, Sadie.

She's been baking since she was a small child, helping her mom put together Christmas cookie boxes for the neighbors.

Rachel uses baking as a stress management tool. And the goodies that result make her popular at meetings!