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S3 E2: Hunka Hunka Burning Loaf

On this episode…

Our Bake Around the US Roadtrip continues with a stop in Utah. We also bring back our Dessert and a Movie segment celebrating one of our favorite TV shows-The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and go Bake in the Day to learn about popular 1950's desserts.


Luisa's Mini Baked Alaska

Rachel's Black and White Cookies

Luisa's Black and White Cookies

Luisa's Utah Pickle Pie

Links, Recipes and Sources

Coming up next...

We make our third stop on our Bake Around the US Roadtrip in Massachusetts. We also share our bakes celebrating National Bundt Cake Day, and take on Chai flavored desserts.

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Bonus Batch: 1950s Desserts

Some interesting popular 1950s desserts that we read about as prep for this episode:

*Pineapple Upside Down Cake

*Baked Alaska

*Banana Split

*Angel Food Cake

*Chiffon Cake

*Jell-O Molds...lots of Jello-O!


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