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Episode 12 -A Better Breakfast Requires More Batter

On this episode…

In this season's penultimate episode, we celebrated Better Breakfast Month by baking granola bars on air and recapping our recent doughnut and cinnamon roll bakes. In a continuation of the breakfast theme, Luisa shared about her recent trip to Blinkies Donuts. We also debuted our new "Ode To" segment with a tribute to sourdough.



Granola Bar Prep/Rachel's Granola Bars

Luisa's Lemon Filled/Nutella Filled Donuts

Coffee Cake

Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Breakfast Memories (Rachel, Luisa and friends at IHOP/Raul enjoying his Abuela's pancakes)


Links, Recipes and Sources


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Let us know if you’d like to be featured on our Ode To segment. Also, it’s almost time to wrap up this season so we’d love to hear about your favorite parts of this season. Don't forget, you can always ask your baking questions for a chance to be featured in our Baking Therapy segment.


Bonus Batch: A Friendship Built Over Breakfasts

Rachel: You know I don’t remember much about our breakfasts from when we first met? We may have eaten quickly and separately in the dorm before class or in the cafeteria. Can you remember?

Luisa: I think we were both doing on the go breakfasts! I used to never be big on sit-down breakfasts so I’m thinking I was grabbing a granola bar while running late to class!

Rachel: I do remember some breakfasts once we started hanging out at your parents house. We’d get up and make banana pancakes and drink orange juice out of your parent’s champagne classes. We were seniors in high school and living it up.

Luisa: Yes, I remember how fancy we felt drinking out of those champagne glasses! It somehow made the orange juice taste better too!

Rachel: I don’t know that we had breakfast together much in college- maybe we went to IHOP for dinner a time or two. I know we both valued our sleep.

Luisa: Most of our food related hangouts were IHOP or Starbucks, but at night. I remember we had a regular run of Starbuck night hangouts for a while. Lots of soul searching and discussion of boy drama happened over Frappuccinos! But you are right, neither one of us was going to get up early to do that!

Rachel: But, in college we participated in a summer program together and since we both still valued our sleep but I didn’t stay up all night talking to my boyfriend (wink wink), I was usually up first and would stick a spoon in a jar of peanut butter for Luisa as we walked to our first session.

Luisa: Like a true friend would! Your kindness and spoonful of peanut butter is what sustained me that summer.

Rachel: When Luisa and Raul lived in Charleston I remember her making me breakfast twice. Once, she took our leftover burritos from the night before, ditched the tortillas, added garlic powder and eggs and viola- heaven on a plate. That’s what turned me on to the magic of eggs and garlic powder. The other time, she taught me how to make crepes while we ate Nutella from the jar, being very careful to save enough for our actual crepes.

Luisa: Yes, Raul’s dad rejected the burrito because he thought it was too spicy! (It wasn’t, haha!) But we were able to repurpose it and make it even better! And our crepes were pretty successful too! I am surprised we didn't burn them as they are so delicate...but maybe I should give us more credit.

Rachel: Now, when we have the opportunity to spend the weekend together we still sleep in and then go for brunch or wake up and eat the dessert we were up baking the night before. You want the recipe for a great friendship? Build it over breakfasts because the little things are really what matter.



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