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Episode 1 - Procrastibaking Defined

On this episode…

Get to know the hosts in our first episode as we share how we met, became fast friends and fell in love with the world of baking. We explore our tendencies to PROCRASTIBAKE, share recent sweet and lows (hint: Winging it often doesn’t work for Rachel and Luisa has to fish the box out of the trash...again!) and play a round of Pop Quiz. We also cover baking with a dynamic duo of ingredients and reveal our 20 in 20 Baking List!



Rachel's PB&J Thumbprints

PB&J Thumbprint Cookies before baking. PB&J Thumbprint Cookies after baking.


Luisa's PB&J Cupcakes

Luisa's husband, Raul, takes her cupcakes to a D&D session with his friends. The cupcakes are a success!

Andy and Brock share their thoughts.


Links, Recipes and Sources


Rachel's go-to Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Luisa’s PB&J Cupcakes (3 Separate Recipes)

  1) Frosting Only

  2) Jelly Filling Only

  3) Cupcake

Rachel's PB&J Thumbprints (Base Cookie Recipe Only)

Other Links

PB&J History

Daniel's Happy Morning Music Spotify Playlist

Check out our 20 in 20 Baking List!


Coming up next...

Easter traditions discussion and our 1st 20 in 20 List bake!


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Bonus Batch/Recipe: The Making of a Podcast

If Procrastibaking Podcast was a cooking show, Luisa and I would be the hosts. You know, two cute, almost too cheesy women of an un-discernible age who stir a few things together, pop it half finished in the oven and pull out- viola!- the finished product ready to be topped with a flourish of sprinkles.

We get the fun, glamorous job because there is a team behind the scenes arranging our mise en place in coordinating pinch bowls and preparing the finished product for us to whip out of the oven. That team for us is a one man band- Mr. Raul Ceballos. Raul is our webmaster, editor, director and producer. He updates our website, manages our Instagram page, cuts out our strings of "ums" and graciously handles our "on air" demands (which in episode four, involves prodding one of us awake), organized the production of our artwork and theme song and edits every episode. Raul, thank you for making us look and feel like celebrity chefs. Raul is a voice actor by trade and we'd appreciate it if you would show him some love:





So now that you know who makes the magic happen at Procrastibaking Podcast, I thought it'd be fun if Luisa and I share a few of our thoughts on the whole process:

Luisa: Rachel and I are both dreamers; we love thinking up big ideas, whether it's an elaborately themed party or business ideas for our someday bakery. Sometimes those dreams turn into reality, but many times they just make for fun conversation. So when we discussed making a baking podcast I didn't think too much of it at first, until one day Rachel (who is amazingly driven) drafted an outline of ideas and first steps to make our podcast dream into a reality. I was so impressed at how detailed the outline was, and as I read over it the podcast started feeling more like a possibility. The flame of excitement was ignited! (I have a thing for fire, as you'll hear about in future episodes). I casually mentioned the idea to Raul over coffee one Saturday, and his face lit up immediately. He expressed genuine happiness that I would get to do something out of my comfort zone and explore a new creative side of myself, and eagerly asked how he could help. What a joy it has been to work with two of the people I love the most, who both inspire me to dream big...and also allow me to make as many questionable jokes as I want!

Rachel: When we first started rolling out the idea of doing a podcast I thought back to little kindergarten Rachel who sat at a desk in front of a mirror and held a talk show has she completed her homework. Needless to say, this experience has been a lot more fun than that and hopefully you'll find it more interesting than a kindergartner narrating her worksheet. I love recording with Lu. She's upbeat with a twist of dark humor thrown in which makes recording with her really fun. I also like finding out little facts and preferences about her that although we've been friends for more than a decade I didn't know. if I had been a bit more sneaky, I might have suggested this project just as a way to hang out with her a little more often. Overall this project has provided a great creative outlet and motivation to stretch my baking skills and served as an acute reminder of just how often I say, "so".

Until next time, stay sweet!

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