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Episode 3 - Ba(r)king Up Treats

On this episode…

We baked on air with our pups Sadie and Dora and recapped our Roll the Dice bake. Spoiler: Neither of us were too happy with this one.  We tackled the tough question regarding cookie qualifications, discussed our fears for the predicated chocolate shortage and vowed to try ruby chocolate when we are together in LA. Be sure to share your pet photos using the hashtag #ProcrastiPetTag. You can also tag us in your strawberry dessert photos using the hashtag #ProcrastibakingChallenge.



Luisa's homemade dog treats with Dora


Rachel's homemade dog treats with Sadie


Rachel's Bittersweet Decadence Cookies


Luisa's Chocolate Orange Cookies


Links, Recipes and Sources

Coffee Break News Articles (Chocolate Shortage)


Coming up next...

We’ll discuss our favorite kitchen gadgets, reveal the results of our Pop quiz and give an update on our next 2020 baking projects.


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Bonus Batch: Happy Pet Week!

Pets are fun. They like to play and do silly things that make us laugh. Both of our pets are rescues and we highly encourage you to check out your local shelters first if you are considering becoming a pet owner. In celebration of Pet Week, Luisa and I wanted to share how about our pet’s, Dora and Sadie.

Rachel: Mila was a husky we adopted during our time in South Korea because her owners were being stationed in a country that did not allow huskys to be brought in. Mila was my first indoor pet, outside of my long-lived goldfish of many names. My family was not a very pet forward one. We had a sweet rabbit and often had outside dogs and while they were enjoyed and treated well, they were not quite the companion that Mila came to be. When Mila first moved into our apartment, I was not happy with how much she would shed or that I couldn’t always do things on my schedule but she slowly won me over. Mila is an extremely smart dog and I loved to play keep away with her and take her for runs in the park. When she got out of our apartment and we couldn’t find her I was heartbroken in a way I never knew it possible to be. I thought a love like Lassie’s was only a thing in the movies. Mila was the dog who taught me to open my heart to animals and it is because of Mila that we adopted and that I love my little bean Sadie dog. Isn’t it funny how we call our animals so many nicknames? Sadie goes by Sadie T. Dog, bean, smidge (to my husband’s chagrin), girl, good girl, and that girl - among others. We adopted Sadie when we lived in a residential high school and I think those boys loved her as much as we do! She’s goofy and playful and has tons of energy to spare. When we decided to look for a pet, Mike found a dog he thought was extremely beautiful on a shelter website a few hours away. We drove out to visit it and it did everything we could to put distance between it and us. It was sad and as much as it needed love and care, we knew our living situation was not the ideal situation for that dog. The same shelter had a hound puppy that I loved! It was so cute and curious but I knew it would soon be howling and that our teenage neighbors wouldn’t appreciate that. We also lived on the 4th floor and I wasn’t keen on potty training from that height. We decided to keep looking. We went out to our local shelter “just to see”. We walked around and it was hard to tell what dogs met our apartment’s weight limits. We were shown a book with a profile of each dog. The volunteer flipped through the book and kept her finger on one page. After flipping through the book, she said…”Well there is one dog but….well I guess she’s high on life. Would you like to see her?” We laughed and agreed. She walked us over to a kennel where Lady and her boarding mate were play fighting. She brought Lady out and took us to a small clearing where we could interact with her. My husband knelt on the grass and called her name. She walked over to him, sat down and snuggled up. That was it. A few days later we did an adoption application and a few days after that my husband went and picked her up while I was at work. She has been his shadow ever since. She picked us-that’s for sure. And high on life? Absolutely. I call her my perpetual puppy because she constantly wants to run, play or investigate- even though she’s nearly 5. We’re just happy to be the ones she snuggles up to when she does eventually decide to sit down.

Luisa: Raul and I both grew up with dogs, so after being married for a couple of years we started daydreaming about adding a furry addition to the family. We spent months on various rescue websites and even ventured out to a couple of adoption events at some pet stores-which just ended in tears of sadness when we didn’t see a dog that seemed to be a good fit and had to walk away while hearing those poor pups cry (is there any sound that is worse?!) After a while so much time had passed and we had so much indecision that getting a dog was looking like a slim possibility. Part of the problem is that we had a pretty specific set of criteria-we wanted a male dog that didn’t shed much, was no more than 30 pounds, and preferably a family friendly breed. Many of the dogs up for adoption did not fit that criteria, and so we waited and waited until one day I saw Dora (then called Nana) posted on an adoption website for a local animal rescue. The backstory was very sad-Nana and his siblings (they told us Nana was a boy-woops!) were found underneath an old shed near farmland, surrounding the body of their mother who had been hit by a car and eventually passed away under the shed. We were so emotional after reading that post, I immediately fell in love and put in an application to adopt Nana. We were so excited when we got approved and began prepping like crazy for our new furry family member. I really went nuts with the Amazon shopping for our new puppy-is nesting for dogs a thing?! We made our way to the pet store to pick him up on adoption day, fully expected to take home a male dog that was a retriever mix and also estimated to only be about 35 pounds max since this is what was listed on the application. When we were handed Nana for the first time we realized two things-it was not a male (they admitted to making an error on the paperwork) and the poor thing was terrified and was shaking in Raul’s arms as he held her. The woman running the event asked her if we still wanted her, and we immediately said yes. That ride home I held her in my arms while she still shook like crazy, and Raul and I were both a mixture of excited and anxious for the adventures of puppy training to come. Those early months were such a fun time of learning her personality, giving her a new name (Dora, truly representative of how much of an explorer she turned out to be) and also learning our different personalities as puppy parents (I surprisingly ended up being way softer than expected, and Raul the disciplinarian-who knew!). Dora is turning 4 this summer, and she is caring, energetic and sassy. She ended up surpassing the 35 pound weight limit (she weighs 50!) and is definitely more basset hound than retriever. She did amazing on her cross country road trip when we moved 3 years ago, and has enjoyed exploring California with us and continues to bring us much joy every day.



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