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Episode 4 - Gizmos and Gadgets

On this episode…

Our hosts discuss what kitchen gadgets they don't use to comb their hair. We discover that wielding fire makes one of them feel particularly powerful (can you guess who?!) and that the other likes perfectly precise portions of pasta. We also put the instant pot and crockpot to the test with our gadget dessert challenge and gave updates on our 20 in 20 list.



Luisa's Slow Cooker Apple Spice Cake


Rachel's Instant Pot Cheesecake (Pre-Frosting)


Luisa's Chocolate Croissants


Links, Recipes and Sources

Luisa's Chocaolate Croissants:


Coming up next...

Join us as we dish on doughnuts and discuss our strawberry bakes!


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Bonus Batch: Our Sidekicks: KitchenAid Stand Mixers

One tool that we both use A LOT in the kitchen is our kitchen aid stand mixers. They are truly our trusty sidekicks so we wanted to tell you a bit about them:

Rachel: My KitchenAid stand mixer is bright red which makes me think she should be named Lula. It’s a sexy red so maybe Emilia? However, she also wobbles a lot on high speed so she is more of an Edna. She’s a powerhorse mixing up giant batch after giant batch of Christmas cookie so maybe she is actually a Roxie. Or is she a Rosie, because she sits silently happy for weeks on end? Maybe I should name her Chevy, after Chevy Chase, because she’s a little clumsy and VERY good at splattering batter everywhere. Maybe, I should call her Buddy because she is great at spreading cheer. Regardless of what I may choose to name her, she is definitely the kitchen gadget that gets the most use and has prime counter top real estate. She was a college graduation gift from my parents (Sophia was the top name for girl babies that year) and shows very little signs of wear (like her soon to be namesake Betty?). I look forward to baking with her for many years to come (It would be creepy to call her Luisa, so that’s out, as is Apple anything referencing a direction).

Luisa: My KitchenAid is a cool teal blue color, and she brings a very calm nature to our kitchen. She is by far the thing I use most from our wedding registry (truly regret asking for things like a salad spinner and pressure cooker-for sure should’ve just asked for another mixer!), and I have to say that her presence in my kitchen makes me feel like a true grown up. She has a grand presence perched on our counter top. She is dependable and makes the toughest baking projects feel like they are in reach. Even when she gets a bit unruly and flings batter everywhere (to be fair, she’s just trying to keep things exciting) I still appreciate her strength and efficiency. She has made it through 5 apartments and a cross country move very much intact, is there for me on my blue days when I need to bake something to cheer me up, and during times of celebration where I need her help to make a fun treat for a birthday or special event. She deserves a truly special name to honor all the ways she improves my life!

What do you think Procrasiti-Nation? What should we name our mixers? Do your mixers have names? What about tattoos (decals)?



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