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S2 E1: Hot and Fresh

On this episode…

Welcome to a sweet new season of Procrastibaking! In this episode we introduced some hot and fresh new segments and gave a final update on our 20 in 20 list. We explored our first Bake Around the World County (the UK!) and rose to the challenge of baking Southern biscuits.


Rachel's Cathead, Angel and Thin Lard Biscuits

Luisa's Sticky Banana Toffee Pudding

Luisa's Honey Cream Cheese Biscuits

Rachel's Clotted Cream Ice Cream

Luisa's Sourdough Bread and Cronuts

Rachel's Cinnamon Swirl NY Cheesecake

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Join us as we venture on to Canadian desserts, predict food trends for the new year and learn how to Bake it Yours with oils and extracts.

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Bonus Batch: Eating Abroad

Rachel: I had the very good fortune of spending a semester of college in Glasgow, Scotland and this challenge definitely made me homesick for it. Oh man oh man do I miss Gregg’s cornish pastys. Back then they were a pound each and two made for a warm and filling lunch perfect for eating while walking around an ancient cemetery. Think of an empanada filled with stew beef and gravy. I have tried my hand at this a few times with recipes from Rachel Ray, Real Simple Magazine and Taste of Home and they have all been severely lacking. If you have a successful recipe for this please be a dear and through me a bone.

I miss stopping at a coffee shop for a rocky road tiffin.This half fudge, half ethereal bar blew my American mind. I’ve recreated it at home with mixed success.

As you heard in the episode, I fell in love with clotted cream and Cornish ice cream which is made with clotted cream. We have a Publix that opened nearby recently so I will check there for clotted cream but if I am unsuccessful I will have to eat it only in my dreams as unpasteurized dairy cannot be sold for human consumption in my area.

Interestingly enough I tried a new food during my semester abroad that is not of UK origin. At the Belfast Christmas Market, I tried churros con chocolate and now I am a churros fiend. I successfully hunted them down when we lived in Korea but have only managed to have them once stateside. In Korea, I fell in love with curry and with curryomrice- basically an omelet stuffed with curry rice. As my husband is the omelet maker in our family, I have not yet tried to recreate this meal. Korea had little “diners'' all over the place that carried inexpensive Korean staples ($1-3/meals) and I really miss being able to pop in for a quick late dinner and knowing what 90% of the menu and prices would be and having a fresh meal.

Luisa: As we prepare for our Bake Around the World segment I’ve been thinking back to memories of studying abroad in Granada, Spain and all of the deliciousness I consumed there. One of my favorite memories is meeting up with friends late at night for tinto de verano and tapas, which were often offered for free with the purchase of a beverage. My all time favorites were albondigas, croquetas, patatas bravas and of course jamon serrano.I have a very vivid memory of a late night at the discoteca followed by 6 am churros con chocolate, my feet sore from trying to walk on the cobbled streets wearing heels, but my heart happy and full to be to with my friends enjoying one of my favorite desserts. I had the good fortune of staying with a host family, and my host mother was an incredible cook that made even the most difficult dishes seem effortless. Some of my favorite things she made were berenjenas rellenas (stuffed eggplant) and her seafood paella. I also was amazed by the ginormous ball of manchego cheese that she kept in the fridge; at lunch times she would toss fresh bread and chunks of cheese out on the tablecloth for us to enjoy with our meal. While there I also took a cooking class where we learned to make gazpacho and buñuelos, both of which I have made since then.

When we moved to LA I was excited to try and find some Spanish restaurants, something that I hadn’t had access to when I lived in South Carolina. Not too long ago Raul and I found a little restaurant here in Woodland Hills called Gasolina Cafe, and I ordered the churros con chocolate, the pan con tomate and the turron french toast (can you tell I had the appetite of a 9 months pregnant woman?) Everything I had was especially nostalgic of those carefree days of munching on delicious food while wandering carefree around a beautiful city.


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