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S2 E8: Beign-yay!

On this episode…

We discuss our French inspired bakes as part of our Bake Around the World journey. We also talk about successes and failures when baking with cereal, and then step into the kitchen to fry up some beignets as part of our Dessert and a Movie segment.


Rachel's Gougéres

Luisa's Tarte Tatin

Rachel's Apple Custard Pie with Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crust

Luisa's Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamon Rolls

Luisa's Beignets

Links, Recipes and Sources

Apple Custard Pie

Coming up next...

We revisit an old favorite: our Roll The Dice Challenge, and also continue our grand tour around the globe and talk about Thai inspired bakes. We also touch upon our favorite Kitchen Torch recipes.

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Bonus Batch: French Patisserie Woes

Luisa: By now our listeners will know that I find French desserts very intimidating! My first attempts at puff pastry nearly made me cry. Making macarons always feels like a mystery-will they turn out lovely or will I get a hollow mess? I was so proud of my chocolate croissants from Season 1, but I often wonder if I'll ever be able to recreate them successfully. Despite my patisserie anxiety I find myself keep trying to make French bakes. In this episode I made a rough puff after swearing I that puff pastry was now my enemy! What is it about French desserts that are so addicting, I wonder? Perhaps its just the awe of how beautiful and delicate they are, or maybe it's simple the rush that many bakers feel when they nail something so technically complicated. All I know is that after my tarte tatin disaster I'll probably swear off French bakes for a month or two, only to eventually find myself longingly researching and bookmarking new tarte tatin recipes to tackle. I just can't stay away!


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