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S2 E9: Torched

On this episode…

We Roll The Dice for a bonus baking challenge and share our Thai inspired bakes. We also unleash the fire within as we discuss our favorite kitchen torch recipes.


Rachel's Chai Custard Trifle

Luisa's S'more Brownie Cupcakes

Rachel's Custard Rolls

Luisa's Pandan Layer Cake

Links, Recipes and Sources

Chai Spice Custard Trifle

Coming up next...

We continue our Bake Around the World with a stop in Hungary. We also do some time travel with our Bake In the Day segment to learn about the history of cinnamon, and also present our one bowl and Roll the Dice challenge bakes.

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Bonus Batch: Loco for Coconut

Luisa: As our listeners may know, my dad loves coconut, and over the years I have learned to love it too. It wasn't always this way. I remember as a child being very put off by the texture of coconut flakes, and I know this is something many people dislike about coconut in general. I remember watching my dad eat coconut flakes out of the bag and gagging. I think it was probably around high school that my coconut appreciation blossomed. I remember having besitos de coco (coconut macaroons) for the first time when I was 15 and immediately wanting to recreate them. When we went to Puerto Rico that same year to visit family my dad gave my brother and I some cash and sent us down the road from my tia's house to a neighbor to buy limber de coco (coconut ice), and it was so delicious that we recreated them back at home countless times that summer. Our listeners will also know that I've been eating dairy free for a while now, and I am so appreciative of how well coconut can be used as a dairy substitute, from coconut cream in cakes to coconut whipped topping. My awe for coconut just keeps growing!


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