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S2 E3: Bodacious Baking

On this episode…

We hosted our first guests of the season as we journeyed to Canada for our next Bake Around the World segment and celebrated Sugar Awareness Week. We also explored different ways to Bake it Yours with flavoring choices, and predicted 2021 food trends.


Rachel's Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes

Luisa's Dirt Cups and 7UP Cake

Links, Recipes and Sources


Coming up next...

Our next episode delves into the world of chocolate! We discuss different types of cocoa powder and present our Matilda inspired chocolate cakes in our first Dessert And a Movie segment. We also introduce our March Madness challenge and learn more about Brazilian desserts.

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Bonus Batch: Detective Luisa To The Rescue!

Luisa: I’m a sucker for all things true crime, so Rachel really gave me one of the greatest birthday gifts when she wrote me my very own muffin mystery to solve! I get such a rush pretending to be a clever little detective, when in all honesty I would never be allowed around crime scenes or important evidence due to the strong likelihood that I would clumsily trip and mess it all up! One of the best things we did to pass our quarantine days was to subscribe to Hunt A Killer, a murder mystery subscription that sends along bits of evidence one box at a time that you piece together to solve the crime. Our Friday nights were spent with me spending hours frantically decrypting letters, analyzing phone records and channeling my inner Nancy Drew (or really, Cam Jansen-does anybody remember those books?!) while Raul struggled to stay awake. I think the reason I enjoyed it so much is because it satisfied my inner completionist- I felt accomplished every time I cracked a new clue or made a new connection, even if it was just for a made up story. After being stuck inside for much of the year this made me feel like I was making progress with at least one thing! Our baby was born before we were able to finish going through all the evidence boxes, and our murder mystery quest was understandably set aside while we struggled to solve an even greater mystery-how to get a newborn to sleep longer than 2 minutes. But now that baby is sleeping longer stretches I’m thinking it’s time to pull out my handy dandy notebook and get back to it. Sherlock Luisa to the rescue!


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