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S2 E4: Bruce Bogtrotter Goes to Brazil

On this episode…

Are we still using the term jam packed? This episode is filled to the brim with all things chocolate, including a special BIY segment on cocoa powder and recreations of the chocolate cake from Matilda. We also travel to Brazil where chocolate features heavily in one of our desserts.


Luisa's Chocolate Cake

Rachel's Chocolate Cupcakes

Luisa's Guava Cake (Bolo de Rolo)

Rachel's Brigadeiros

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Coming up next...

We celebrate our cookie episode with a Girl Scout inspired bake, homemade Oreos, a Bake in the Day Segment about the history of chocolate chips, and an interview with Brittany Baker from FOMO Baking Company about allergen free cookies. Also keep an ear out for a special surprise guest appearance by a certain Sesame Street muppet...

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Bonus Batch: Ode To Chocolate

Luisa: My mom doesn't like chocolate...and growing up this sometimes made me wonder if I was adopted, as I am a little bit obsessed with it. When given the choice of dessert I will almost always pick something with chocolate in it. I remember going to birthday parties where the sheet cake and neapolitan ice cream combo was served, and I would scoop around the strawberry and vanilla flavors to only eat the chocolate ice cream. In college my go to desserts to make were brownies, sometimes with Reeses' peanut butter cups inside. In grad school my go to cookies were "choreoes", which was a chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo baked inside. My favorite Girl Scout cookies are Thin Mints, and when I've had a long day and stressful day at work nothing helps take away the tension better than a handful of mini chocolate chips.

Rachel: I used to have a blog with "chocoholic" in the title- if that tells you anything. You've heard me say that my baking "low" was that my bake didn't have any chocolate in it. When I'm looking for Bake Around the World inspiration I start my Google search with "classic chocolate desserts from…". When offered a selection of desserts, it is rare that I chose the option without chocolate.So, as you can see, I definitely have an appreciation for chocolate: hot chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate spread, chocolate bacon doughnuts, chocolate cake….am I sounding like Bubba Gump yet? Oh! But do you know that I don't like chocolate ice cream?


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