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S2 E5: C is for Cookie

On this episode…

Featuring an introduction by Cookie Monster himself, this episode covered Girl Scout Cookies, homemade Oreos, the history of chocolate chips and an interview with Brittany Baker from FOMO Baking Company about allergen free cookies.


Luisa's Samoa Inspired Brownies

Rachel's Thin Mint Pudding

Luisa's "Oreos"

Rachel's "Oreos"

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Coming up next...

We make another stop on our Bake Around the World journey and attempt some Moroccan desserts. We also give an update on our Procrastibaking March Madness Challenge, and explore gluten free bakes as part of our Allergen Free Baking segment.

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Bonus Batch: Our Favorite Cookies Through the Year

Rachel: Hey Lu, what’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

Luisa: I’d have to say Thin Mints...but Samoas are a close second! What about yours?

Rachel: Peanut Butter Patties. Your favorite supermarket cookie? Mine is Oreos or Milanos.

Luisa: I would also have to say Milanos! I could also inhale an entire tin of Danish cookies though. Rachel, what’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

Rachel: Oh that’s hard….either a chocolate chai or linzers. I like using up leftover jams. Apparently I have a jam issue. Yours?

Luisa: It’s another tie for me (is that getting annoying yet?) between a classic rolled sugar cookie and raspberry jam thumbprint cookies. What about if someone asks you to bake cookies...what do you bring?

Rachel. Giant chocolate chips….you?

Luisa: I would also go for a chocolate chip or a snickerdoodle, both are usually crowd pleasers.

Rachel: What do you think….are macarons patisserie or a fancy cookie?

Luisa: Haha! Now I’m not sure about that one...

Rachel: In America, I’m going to go with a fancy cookie.

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