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S2 E7: All You Need Is Cake

On this episode…

We celebrate all things cake by reviewing different types of cake, go Bake In the Day to learn about the history of cake and talk about how to personalize sheet cake recipes as part of our Bake It Yours segment.


Rachel's Chai Spice Sheet Cake with Vanilla Glaze

Luisa's Lemon Raspberry and Sugared Berries Sheet Cake

Rachel's American Butter, Chiffon, Genoise and Sponge Cakes

Links, Recipes and Sources

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We have a layover in France as part of our Bake Around the World journey. We also discuss baking with cereal and whip up some beignets as part of our Dessert and a Movie segment.

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Bonus Batch: Cake My Day

Luisa: One of my first memories of making a cake were from my early middle school years, when my mom finally allowed me into the kitchen after feeling more confident that I wouldn't burn the house down. My specialties were boxed Funfetti Cake and boxed Pineapple Upside Cake, and I remember feeling so proud of myself even though the most I did was add an egg, oil, mix and put in the oven. As the years passed I became the designated cake baker for family events, and was allowed more freedom in the kitchen. I graduated from box mixes and started taking requests from my parents and brother, so most of the cakes in my high school years were variations of strawberry, carrot cakes and the occasional alcohol infused one. College was when I met my sweet Raul, who had an affinity for anything chocolate and peanut butter, so pretty much all the cakes I made in that era included those ingredients. We ate so much peanut butter! In grad school I was really just baking for myself, so the cakes became cupcakes and that's when I started getting a little more creative with the flavors, including my beloved salted caramel, dulce de leche, and playing around with citrus and berries. These days I've enjoyed improving my skills by taking on technical challenges to make awesome layered cakes and developing favorite frosting recipes. What I'm most looking forward to though is my little one's first birthday this fall, when she'll get to do a cake smash to celebrate. What could be better than a sweet baby enjoying her birthday covered in cake!


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